What people have to say

People attend Wellbeing Arts groups from all walks of life and for a wide range of reasons. Here's some of what our participants have to say:

Imagine an atmosphere where everyone feels supported…yes, mutual support seems to just happen...almost as if by magic

It was exciting and let me unwind, and develop new ideas.

An unchallenging environment where peace and quiet reigns, meaning we’re free to chat while we work but, if we simply want to get on with things without conversation, that is fine too.

I never imagined that I would not be stressed and tense again.

Waking up…I found myself smiling and I realized that this was in anticipation of once again being part of the art group….

The benefits to me are you’re completely in a different place, not just physically but your head … a few minutes ago I felt really hot but I focused on the (work) and calmed down, it helps me focus

I feel more relaxed here, because there is nothing expected

It brings you back into the land of the living

Its escapism, you can come here and forget everything

When you’re here you don’t watch the clock and when it comes time to go home you don’t want to go!

If you feel that Wellbeing Arts can be benficial to you, your friends or family then please do get in touch to find out more.